Hello, this is Adrian. Welcome to the most intimate part of my website! Being a man of deep convictions, I would like to share some personal thoughts with you. 

I believe that we all have a specific purpose in life, our own personal, God-ordained “destiny” to fulfil. Of course we have free choice, and our actions absolutely determine our future, but we also all have a “calling,” a specific purpose that we are to fulfil if we are to realise our greatest potential as human beings. As each person is a unique creation, so is each person’s calling in life unique. When we align ourselves with that calling, we can then become truly happy and fulfilled in the highest possible sense. 

We have all seen people who have at least partially found their calling. They are extremely happy and “at home” in their jobs (unfortunately that doesn’t happen very often!). We say someone is in their “element” when they are doing what they love to do, what they were made to do. And they do it well! We say they have a natural talent or gift. 

That’s the feeling I get when I am on stage with a saxophone hanging around my neck! That is where I feel most “at home,” most “myself,” most comfortable. Of all the many facets of my life, and the different roles I play, if you want to find the “real” Adrian, just look for the one with the saxophone! 

I believe that Music is what God called me to do. How else can I explain the burning passion that is ignited within me whenever I hear good music? (Accompanied by the desire to jump onto the stage with whoever is there, and start playing along!). 

The Quest For Truth

I don’t believe, however, that God called me to make music for it’s own sake, but as a means to an end, a powerful tool (or spiritual weapon!) to carry a specific message. You see, I am not only a musician, but a Seeker of Truth. Ever since I was a child I’ve had an enormous thirst for knowledge: knowledge about the big issues in life. 

One thing I have learned, is that if you truly wish to find answers, you will! As an example, a few years ago, I needed to know “What is the cure for cancer?” And sure enough, I found it! Imagine the ensuing weight of responsibility of needing to share this information with the world! In the end, I wrote a book about it: The Definitive Cure for Cancer. What else could I do with such important information?

This Quest for the Truth about life, the universe, and everything, has driven me throughout my life. And there’s only one place that such a quest can ultimately lead you to… and that is to God. You see, the whole human race is sitting here on Planet Earth floating in the middle of our immense universe, with no inkling of an idea about who we are, where we came from, why we are here, or where we are going. We have lost our identity. 

So many people in our fallen world play out their entire existence without catching even a glimpse of who they really are, of their real destiny. We are often saddened by the tragedy of someone who dies by accident, but what about the person who lives by accident, with no purpose to his life? That, my friends, is the bigger tragedy. 

I believe that the greatest way to glorify God is to develop your talents and be everything you were designed to be.

The Great Artist

God is the Great Artist. Just look around you at His creation and you see myriad colours, shapes and forms. Look at a sky at sunset and you will see an artist’s painting, a living, moving painting. All around us there is great variety, and great beauty for us to behold… and sounds. Vibrations. Music. 

Yet it is we human beings who are the pinnacle of God’s creation, His Greatest Masterpiece. We were created in God’s own image. God puts into each one of us something of himself, so that every time we do something good, worthwhile, or artistic, we are expressing the divinity within us. If we realised who we are, and what we have, our lives would improve dramatically. I am reminded of that famous song and poem, The Touch of The Master’s Hand, by Myra Brooks Welch, about the old violin at an auction that nobody wanted, until a master violinist came up and played it beautifully. 

You see, we are God’s musical instruments, and we can only be all we were designed to be when we let Him, the Great Musician, play us, perform through us. After all, an instrument is only as good as its player. It is not the instrument that creates the music, but the musician behind that instrument. If we allow ourselves to be used by God, then we will be able to fulfil our destiny as human beings in the fullest sense of the word. 

Just as my saxophone is an instrument in my hands, as a Christian, I myself am an instrument in God’s hands. If I allow God to perform through me, then my life will be gradually transformed into a great Celestial Symphony for others to hear and be inspired by. 

That’s why I created Syncspiration, an organization dedicated to the Search for Truth: The truth about life, the universe and everything! (See for details)

So that’s my philosophy, that is what’s inside the saxophonist! 😉 Enjoy the rest of my website.